Become An Election Judge

Election Judge Appointment and Placement

Election judges are selected by the Election Commission after appointment by the Democratic or Republican Party Chairman.  Registered voters may contact their precinct committeeperson or local party chairman if they are interested in serving as an election judge, or call the Election Commission office.  If the County parties are unable to compe up with judge candidates, the Commission may run an ad in the local newspaper, or accept candidates from the application attached to the voter card that have been returned.


The number of Democratic or Republican judges is determined by the parties represented on the Board of Election Commissioners.  The party which holds the majority on the Board receives 3 judges in the even-numbered precincts and 2 judges in the odd-numbered precincts.  The party holding the minority on the board receives 2 judges in the even-numbered precincts and 3 judges in the odd-numbered precincts.  If the make-up of the board changes the make-up of the 5 judges in each precinct would then charge. (10 ILCS5/14-4)


Once selections are made, the list is filed in the Circuit Court and approved by the chief jduge if there are no objections to any judge on the list.